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Tuesday, April 18, 2006 

Baseball Superstitions

Quality Random Article:

Baseball Players Do the Darnest Things

So I started to look around to see what some baseball players do. The lengths to which some ball players will go to manipulate their fate is amazing.

+John Smoltz, who once was doing jumping jacks in the clubhouse during an Atlanta Braves rally,was afraid to stop because he didn’t want to be held responsible for the end of the Braves’ scoring. He ended up doing jumping jacks for nearly half an hour.

but the best part is about some dude named Kevin Rhomberg (read the article for more about him):

His superstition was the need to touch back someone who had just touched him. Like tag during recess in grade school. However doing it when you’re an adult makes you strange. The need to touch someone back was so necessary that if a person somehow eluded his return touch, Rhomberg would send a letter that said, “This constitutes a touch.”

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