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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 

Optical Inch

dan adams(3:13:41 PM): http://www.shaveeverywhere.com/
dan adams(3:13:55 PM): after the intro, watch the music video
me(3:52:17 PM): dude is this for real?
dan adams(3:52:21 PM): YES
dan adams(3:52:34 PM): click on the pdf
me(3:52:35 PM): and im just watching the intro
dan adams(3:52:41 PM): oh,that too
dan adams(3:52:42 PM): Ha
me(3:53:54 PM): dude, this shit is crazy (the music video)
dan adams(3:54:00 PM): I know
me(3:54:06 PM): this is def getting posted to my blog
dan adams(3:54:07 PM): I coudlnt believe that was a real ad campaign
dan adams(3:54:08 PM): ha

me(3:57:30 PM): wow this is sooooooooo wrong
me(3:57:33 PM): i just did the "test drive"

Philips Bodygroom

seriously, click on the other stuff on this site like Test Drive, Testimonials and what not, though it did make me incredibly uncomfortable




There is no way that can be real. Jesus Christ. If it is, I hope whoever is in charge of that is out on the street with the Oozinator people looking for a new line of work. My god. He said something about making your balls smell like cinnamon. I mean...what the fuck????

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