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Monday, January 17, 2005 

DC Radio News

Random DC radio news.
Sportstalk 1260am is gone. In its place will be Air America - the liberal radio network. I wonder how it will do here, I'l try to give a listen, though Im addicted to sports radio now.

To Right Itself, WRC Looks Left

When Air America, the year-old effort to create a liberal alternative to largely conservative talk radio, debuts in Washington Thursday, it can't possibly do anything but improve the ratings for WWRC (1260 AM).

The station, which airs syndicated sports talk programming primarily from Fox Sports, has not registered at all in recent ratings books. So Clear Channel Communications, which also owns Sports Talk 980 (WTEM), had nothing to lose by trying out the fledgling network that features the talk stylings of Al Franken, Randi Rhodes and Janeane Garofalo.

Also, starting tomorrow, the sports junkies will be taking over the mid day slot on WJFk - 106.7 -- which means, I will no longer be a listener, and many AOLers too as I've noticed we cant catch radio signals in our offices.


DCRTV hears that Infinity's DC talker WJFK-FM will start carrying the Junkies (right) in the 10:30 AM-ish (when Howard Stern ends) to 2 PM slot. Starting Tuesday, 1/18. More at junkiesradio.com. Then known as the Sports Junkies, they had done the evening shift on WJFK-FM before moving to mornings at Infinity's now defunct alternative rock WHFS in late 2002.

Just to put things in perspective, the last I checked, Rush Limbaugh gets a 7 ratings in the DC market. This means 7% of all radios tuned into WMAL 630. While it's only a single digit, it beats all FM outlets in DC.

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