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Wednesday, January 12, 2005 

Russell Jones

Wrong Number Dept
Not Dirty

So this is kinda a random article about this "meek" "white" dude named Russell Jones that lived in Brooklyn. He would get phone calls all the time from people trying to call ODB (real name...Russell Jones, from Brookyln - duh). There are random parts of the story that are interesting/funny, like the reality show that ODB was taping:

* Of late, O.D.B. had been making a comeback. Two months ago, he was recording new songs and had finished shooting a reality TV show (in which a contestant had to stay within ten feet of him for a week) when he collapsed in a recording studio and died

* He learned that O.D.B.’s mother lived on a nearby street, and that he and O.D.B. belonged to the same video store. Jones really didn’t mind the notoriety of being paired with the self-destructive rapper. After all, he was much better off than his brother Tom Jones. “His life in the seventies was a living hell.”

* And then there was a call from a tuba-voiced man:

“This is Method.” Methane? Methadone? “Yo, Rusty, how you been, we need to get together.”

“I’m Russell Jones but not who you think I am.”

A pause. “O.K., well, tell my man to call me.”

After further protestations, Jones took down the number. Later, he learned that he had been talking to the hip-hop artist Method Man.

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