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Friday, March 18, 2005 

Conference Call Flirting

Via Wonkette.com:

Lookin' for love on the Hil

No wonder Democrats can't get their message out: When Sen. Hillary Clinton held a conference call with reporters on Medicaid cuts yesterday, a reporter who put his phone down without hitting "mute" subjected listeners to his apparent flirting on another call.

When Hillary got on the line with reporters, she had to practically shout over this man's loud yakking in the background, The News' James Gordon Meek reports. She gave up after several minutes, complaining that the noise was "distracting" and "so unfair to all of you."

Seconds after Clinton got off the call, reporters heard the man identify himself as WLIU Long Island News Director Jim Asendio. He was on a call with a person "going to a bar" for St. Patrick's Day.

"God, you sound sweet," Asendio said to his phone mate."Five-four? Okay, I'm 6-foot-1. You have a what? A little cushion? You have a nice, round a-? What's your chest? That's not small. I'm more of a thigh and an a- man. ... Don't get into any trouble, and if you do, call me."

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