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Wednesday, March 16, 2005 

Worst College Fans

so glad to make this list:

NEW YORK, March 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for the NCAA final four,
GQ magazine names the top ten most obnoxious college sports fans.

Duke: The Cameron Crazies are the Clay Aikens of college sports fans-too
loud, too geeky, too cute, and terminally annoying. It'll take twenty
consecutive losing seasons just to make them tolerable again.

West Virginia: The Mountaineers might be the college-sports version of
soccer hooligans. Nothing says school spirit like lighting 1,129
intentional street fires (according to Morgantown Fire Department data
from 1997-2003) or hurling a whiskey bottle, golf balls, and a trash can
from the stands.

Maryland: They don't say "Fear the Turtle" for nothing: Terp outrage
caused over $500,000 worth of damage on a single night in 2001, and the
frequent vulgar outbursts at home games have prompted university
officials to seek the state attorney general's advice on how to control
UM fans.

Ohio State: OSU hell-raising after the 2002 Michigan football game-which
involved more than one hundred fires, including a nine-car victory
pyre-cost the city of Columbus over $135,000 in police overtime.

Harvard: With their tweed jackets and sickening chants of "safety
school," the Crimson faithful are the epitome of Ivy League smugness.

Washington State: Cougars fans are still talking about that time after
the 2002 Apple Cup when rival University of Washington athletic director
Barbara Hedges told people, "I feared for my life." Of course, we'd like
to see what those fans would do if someone threw beer bottles at them.

Minnesota: In 2002 & 2003, Minnesota fans waged two full-blown riots,
setting fire to a TV-news van and causing around $200,000 in total
damage, all after winning the ... NCAA hockey championships? We don't
want to think about what they'd do if they won a title that mattered.

Florida State: They started the tomahawk chop. Let us repeat that: They
started the tomahawk chop.

Vanderbilt: Vandy actually makes this list for student-fan apathy.
Despite being smack in the middle of arguably the nation's best football
conference, student fans have grown increasingly scarce as the team's
fortunes have tanked. Home attendance at Vanderbilt Stadium is so anemic
that after a 2003 Vandy victory over Kentucky, it took fans a pathetic
ten minutes to tear down the goalposts.

Colorado: Few college fans take more joy in rioting than the Buffaloes of
Boulder, whose lust for postgame rampaging led local officials to
institute a "sofa ordinance" in 2002 to curb the burning of furniture
during sports-related celebrations.

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