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Thursday, July 28, 2005 

AOL Should Be More Like Apple

AOL Should Be More Like Apple

Too busy to write a description, this will have to do:

Ping [1:23 PM]: Wired News: AOL Should Be More Like Apple
McCoy [1:25 PM]: yeah i was about to blog that
McCoy [1:25 PM]: but then i had work to do
McCoy [1:25 PM]: actually, i read half of it
McCoy [1:25 PM]: which was - apple is cool
McCoy [1:25 PM]: aol sucks
McCoy [1:25 PM]: never got to what should aol do
Ping [1:29 PM]: oh, the solution was for aol to buy a search engine
Ping [1:29 PM]: and make it his own
McCoy [1:29 PM]: yeah i just read
McCoy [1:29 PM]: stupid imo
Ping [1:29 PM]: yeah, i think there are other solutions

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