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Wednesday, April 19, 2006 

DJ, Ibekwe

Yeah...they should totally sign agents:

DJ Strawberry, Ekene Ibekwe Testing the Waters

A source close to the situation informed DraftExpress today that two Maryland juniors, 6-5 guard D.J. Strawberry and 6-9 power forward Ekene Ibekwe, will both be announcing soon that they are entering the NBA draft.

Really though I understand it, they have nothing to lose. They know they aren't going to be drafted, so they can have GMs tell them exactly why they suck, though:

McCoy (1:40:03 PM): yeah but its so they can figure out what they need to improve on
kyle (1:40:55 PM): everything
kyle (1:41:22 PM): dj strawberry cant play any position in the nba
kyle (1:41:31 PM): hes an undersized shooting guard who cant shoot
kyle (1:41:34 PM): and doesnt drive well
McCoy (1:44:26 PM): yes, i think we could all provide dj with a good detailed analysis of why he sucks
kyle (1:44:42 PM): correct
kyle (1:44:46 PM): he doesnt need to enter the draft
kyle (1:44:51 PM): to have that told him
kyle (1:45:01 PM): work on helping md win a couple more games over the summer
kyle (1:45:06 PM): not an nba pipe dream

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