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Wednesday, May 17, 2006 

No more lost repeats

i guess there won't be a need for this site next year, here's abcs new plan for Lost next year
(from Justin)

Hate Lost Repeats? ABCs solution:

Following a format somewhat resembling Fox's successful treatment of 24, ABC revealed its new fall schedule on Tuesday, vowing to dramatically reduce Lost repeats. The plan calls for Lost to begin the season in its standard Wednesday 8 p.m.CT time slot, but just when the show would typically move into a rerun cycle in the winter, ABC has an alternative up its sleeve.


"So yes, the plan is that Lost will come on in the fall in the first or second week of the season, run for seven episodes and then Day Break will launch into that period and Lost will come back in January or early February and run straight through for the remainder for the season."

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