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Friday, May 19, 2006 

White People & Water

so if you know me...you know that I refuse to watch movies about white people and water...perfectly normal rule in my opinion. Poseidon is the perfect example of that type of movie which I refuse to ever watch...i feel like this post from ew.com partially details why

**WARNING POSEIDON SPOILER** - though really, why the fuck would you watch this movie???

[Overheard at PopWatch HQ today -- if you're planning to see Poseidon this weekend, you might want to skip this item.]

Editor1 (1:41:11 PM): hey, you saw Poseidon, right?
Editor2 (1:41:21 PM): yep
Editor1 (1:41:34 PM): did we discuss how only the white people live?
Editor2 (1:41:42 PM): OMG…i KNOW
Editor2 (1:41:57 PM): that Freddy Rodriguez scene was HORRIBLE
Editor2 (1:42:07 PM): "Shake him off! Shake him off!"
Editor1 (1:42:09 PM): don't even get me started. I was aghast
Editor2 (1:42:15 PM): after he HELPED THEM FIND A WAY OUT
Editor1 (1:42:35 PM): it's like, "Let him go! He's only a Latino worker!"

more talk if you follow the link
- bc i mean, i wouldn't want to ruin more of Poseidon for you

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