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Monday, January 17, 2005 

Wash Post Tivo ToGo Review

The Washington Post has a review of the new Tivo ToGo feature for Series 2 Tivos. I'm waiting until I get my USB wireless adapter before I test it out, but Im thinking that the feature will be great as I try to encourage my roommates to watch episodes of Smallville (yes, I'm talking to you Sheel, Dave) on their computers instead of tying up the TV while the NFL playoffs are on!

Recordings Made Way Too Hard ToGo

The negatives from what I've read:
- Xfer time is really slow. Looks like 2 hours for a show? I wonder what if his network was messed up.
-If there is an error transferring the file, tivo doesnt pick up from where it left off, it has to start all over again - thats some shit.
- 2 hours of footage = > 2.5 gigs of data.
- Every single time you try to watch something, you have to type in your playback password.

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