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Tuesday, January 18, 2005 

SHHH - Society for HandHeld Hushing

Cell Phone Shushing Gets Creative:

It's a familiar issue: You're stuck somewhere with a nearby stranger yapping on a cell phone, but you're unwilling to say anything about it. In December, designers Jim Coudal of Chicago's Coudal Partners and Aaron Draplin of Portland, Oregon-based Draplindustries Design drafted a solution that's been gaining buzz across the blogosphere.

Following an idea initiated by Coudal's wife, Heidi, Coudal and Draplin put together a series of free, downloadable cards, with messages like, "Just so you know: Everyone around you is being forced to listen to yer conversation" and "The world is a noisy place. You aren't helping things." Cards are attributed to the Society for HandHeld Hushing, or SHHH.

The cards are pretty funny. Check out the PDF.

I woulda loved to given one to the incredibly loud guy at the Wizards game who was talking about how he wanted to go see the aviator or coach carter. The dude was practically yelling.

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